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Volume 10 Issue 6

June 2024

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Title and Author Area
Potential of Biofertilizers Over Chemical Fertilizers
- Afshaan Naaz Khaleed Shaikh
Bio Decolourization of Textile Dye Red ED3B by Bacterial Cultures
- Amarja Harishchandra Bhosale
Determination of Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Potential of Ethanol Extract of Three Species of Alpinia
- Anagha Rajopadhye
Removal of ECG Noise Artifacts Using Signal Processing Techniques
- Diksha Santosh Gaonkar
Electronics and Telecommunication
Extraction of Cobalt From Synthetic Waste Water Using Low Cost Adsorbent (Delonix Regia)
- V R. Doss
Engineering Sciences
Analysis of Blood Flow Parameters to Detect Abnormalities in Blood Vessels
- Monica D’souza
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Perfect Coloring of Planar Graphs And Related Aspects
- H. R. Bhapkar
Video and Audio Hybrid Watermarking: A Literature Review
- Kasturi Sarjerao Patil
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Photocatalytic Dye Degradation Using Nanoparticles From Fruit Waste
- Mrs. Rutuja khonde
Isolation and Identification of Bioluminescent Organism From Marine Water Sample
- Dr.Swati Chandak