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Volume 10 Issue 4

April 2024

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Photocatalytic Dye Degradation Using Nanoparticles From Fruit Waste


Mrs. Rutuja khonde


Silver Nanoparticles, biosynthesis, Partical size, Antimicrobial, Organic dyes, Photocatalytic degradation.


Bio-waste as a source of synthesis Silver Nanoparticals (AgNPs) opens a new path along with antimicrobial and photocatalytic degradation of azo dyes such as Methylene blue and Congo red. In this study, we have synthesized Silver Nanoparticles using multiple fruit peel waste extract (pomegranate, papaya, banana and pineapple). This appears extremely fast, cost efficient, eco-friendly method. The primarily nanoparticles formation has been confirmed by the color change pale yellow to brown and that indicates reduction of silver ions to silver nanoparticles. The formation of AgNPs was confirmed by its absorbance peak observed at 430nm in UV-Visible spectrum and partical size analysis by NANOPHOX (NX0088) and found to be 7.7nm. The photocatalytic activity of the synthesized silver nanoparticles was examined by degradation of Methylene blue and Congo red dye under sunlight irradiation. Green synthesized silver nanoparticles were effectively degrade the dye at 5-6 h of exposure time. (AgNPs) can be used in textile industries to treat polluted water containing non-degradable dyes and effective against disease causing micro-organisms

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 2/7/2018

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