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Volume 10 Issue 6

June 2024

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Lakshana B


Crime scene investigation, Physical evidence, Forensic science


Any investigation must include a thorough examination of the crime scene. It is the place where logic, science, and law converge. A valuable documenting of the situation or condition of the scene, as well as photography or videography of the location of the evidence, is done during the lengthy and tiresome process of a crime scene investigation. The gathering of any tangible proof that may dispel the shadows, shed light on what had occurred, and reveal how and who was responsible. Because it is exact, accurate, and increases the likelihood that an investigation or trial will be successful, forensic science is one of the most crucial components of a criminal investigation. It is essential to the criminal justice system because of its analytical nature. It aids the court in reaching a rational decision. It consequently lowers the likelihood of any injustice. Today, it is widely utilized all around the world. The term "forensic science" is a catch-all that spans almost all medical subject boundaries and incorporates a variety of scientific domains. It is a test of common sense combined with information and experience already gained from other areas of medicine, including obstetrics and surgery. The field of forensic science operates within the constraints of the legal system. Its goals are to offer direction to people conducting criminal investigations and to provide reliable information to courts so they may rely on it to resolve criminal and civil issues. The current study intends to investigate the applicability of using cutting- edge forensic science methods in criminal investigations and what role they play in maintaining social order. The main goal of this review is to provide forensic and law enforcement personnel with useful methodologies and standards for handling crime scene evidence in order to prevent contamination, degradation, and loss of the evidence's value.

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Published in: Volume : 9, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 10/2/2023

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