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Volume 9 Issue 5

May 2023

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The term digital market means a platform that is dedicated to integrate farmer, Merchant/Markets, Admin and end user and thereby bridge the gap between them. It also let everyone to be updated with the changing market scenario. Indian farmers faced many challenges and one of them is that to get a good profit for the efforts and investment that they had put in. There exist different reasons like season limitation, crop life due to which farmer get very limited amount of time to study the market conditions. The study of flourishing crops and products in current market under agriculture sector is very necessary in order to obtain good price. Since it is not feasible to reach all merchant physically for farmers as it consume much time and efforts wherein our farmers has limited amount of time. Also traditionally, methodologies implemented by farmer created limited access to client (merchants) enabling less options to sell the crop product in the market. So by introducing new marketing method wherein farmer can sell his crop or product at each layer of marketing chain (merchants, markets or directly to end user) along with multiple options becomes necessary. Also there was no transparency from Admin’s point of view wherein the selling of crop at minimum base price was not traceable ultimately, which was not fulfilling the changing demands. thus a web application is build using PHP under LARAVEL framework for effective use with more security. The technique used are GPS to get the location of the customer. The system has high level security that ensure the truthfulness of any farmer and avoid the fake accounts. The system also has a query section it has the same ability as the helpline desk where customer and farmers can communicate with the admin. Admin plays a superior roll in the system. the web application will lead the farmer to get more profit and at the same time consumer also gets good quality product at a minimal price. Additionally the system also have a plant diseases prediction module. If the plant cause by any disease the user can simply upload the image of it and our module will analyze it with the data set and give an approximate result and also give some tip to cure that disease.

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Published in: Volume : 9, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 5/6/2023

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