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Volume 10 Issue 3

March 2024

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Rutuja nitin takawane


Tulsi (Ocimumtenuiflorum), essential oil, antimicrobial activity, headspace–solid phase micro extraction, gas chromatography–mass spectrometry Tulsi has got the great medicinal Value Studies have Bhown Tulsi. To be effective drabities, by reducing level also for blood glucose Tulsi is considered to be a iubiqutous plant in india ocimumtenuiPlonum (tulsi) is an aromatic plant in the family lamiaceae. Tulsi vital role in our everyday life is said to be the queen es a playes OR the herbal plant


Tulsi plant is called as tulsi in Sanskrit, holy basil in English. The scientific name of Tulsi is ocimum sanctum. It is called as mother of nature because it can cure variety of disease. Tulsi is anti-cancerous, anti-microbial, anti inflammatory, anti-diabetics, anti-fungal, anti-stress plant. The oil extracted from Tulsi plant is also beneficial for the treatment of various skin diseases. The hot solution prepared by extracting Tulsi leaves is helpful for the treatment of cold, cough, sneezing and so on. More than 300 years ago Tulsi is used for medical, pharmaceutical and as herbs by many people all around the world. Tulsi plant is I is greatly admired and followed by Indians. Tulsi is prestigious for Indians and others non-Muslims because they worship tulsi plant. Tulsi is considered as sign of " 50dn * epsilon " for most of the believers of India around the world. People around the world believes that Tulsi is sign of health, wealth and prosperity of their families, so they keep Tulsi plant outside of their house. Tulsi is avaible in variety of different types around 12 types are known to world but 3 types of Tulsi are most commonly known and used by the people for various purposes. Tulsi also contain many essential oil, vitamin, and minerals (Vitamin C, linoleic and linoleic acid) Synonyms - Ocimum Sanctum family - Lamiaceae plant part use - leaves.

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Published in: Volume : 9, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 3/2/2023

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