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April 2024

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Mr.Vijay D Bhojane


Road Safety Audit, Lane, Road Fatalities, National Highway.


Rapid increase in number of vehicles in cities leads to various traffic problems. Out of which road accidents are major aspect. Mixed traffic condition and variable profile user’s create situation of accidents in the cities. Apart from this several other reasons like over speeding, drink and drive, blip road design etc. are also responsible for the fatalities. As a Planner or Civil engineer one has only a few interventions like Road and vehicle design to reduce the road fatalities, because none of them can regulate the travel behavior of drivers and pedestrians. The Process of road design interventions for the safety of Road users is known as Road Safety Audit. It’s a formal process to assess the potential and safety related issues on the new as well as existing roads. Road Safety Audit is a cost effective and practical approach to reduce the road fatalities. RSA has a long history; it was originated in UK and adopted by various American and European countries having motor oriented urban and regional development. RSA emerges as one of important tool in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, and African Nations. The Aim for the study is to evaluate the Road Safety related issues of NH- Highway No 4 which is passing through Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation using Road Safety Audit (RSA) as a tool and propose Road safety measures along NH -4 in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Area. A Comprehensive Methodology has been adopted for the Road Safety Audit OF NH-4.Primary survey such as onsite video graphy had been performed. Along with the data of road layout, no of fatalities data has been collected. Following are the concerned areas along with vehicular movement only were audited in detail-Merging and diverging sections, 2) Underpasses, 3) BRTS Bus Station and 4) Intersections. On the basis of primary and secondary data availability the various solutions were provided to the above classified areas.

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Published in: Volume : 2, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 8/1/2016

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