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Volume 10 Issue 4

April 2024

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Abhishek Pawar


Renewable, Wind Energy, Automobile.


This study focuses on the development of a wind turbine that will be installed on an electric vehicle and used to generate electricity to charge the vehicle's batteries while it is in motion. Wind energy is an example of a pollution-free renewable energy source. To put it into practice, it was planned and decided to start with and test it on a bicycle. The basic concept is simple: drive a cycle with wind energy, similar to a vehicle, such that no human effort is required. This point would aid in the implementation of green cars in daily life, making the environment cleaner and more conducive to living, as well as reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Wind energy will be one of the most significant sources of energy for humans in the future, replacing fossil fuel energy. Wind energy has several obstacles, such as noise pollution and expensive maintenance costs. The goal of this project is to create a little wind turbine that can be mounted on top of a car and charge a battery. The project entails the design and production of a wind turbine that will be mounted on top of a vehicle [to profit from the wind speed owing to the automobile's height].

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Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 9/2/2022

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