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Volume 10 Issue 4

April 2024

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Mr. Gyan Prakash Banjare


Polymer concrete, glass fiber, Epoxy resins, Ordinary Portland cement


Polymer concrete could also be a composite fabric wherein the mixture is bound collectively during a matrix with a polymer binder. It's miles growing recognition as a fresh creation fabric thanks to its high compressive, tensile and flexural strengths, quick curing time and impact resistance. This paper explores a studies take a look at which has been initiated to reinforce essential information of this cloth and to provide the expertise required for its vast utilization. Hence a contrast has made between the normal concrete and polymer concrete in conjunction with resins and fibers of version proportions. As consistent with IS10262:2009 the mixture layout of M25 grade concrete is calculated and Estimation of fabric amount is run. In implementation of experimental application check methods like compressive power take a look at, Flexural electricity test and workability test is completed for traditional concrete, Polymer resin concrete at the side of Flyash having resin percentage 3% and 5% is finished and as compared the results with Polymer fiber concrete with glass fiber percent 0.Five% and 1%.On this experimental program, epoxy and glass fiber blended with ash and sand had been used to make polymer concrete . The impact of resin (binder), and ash contents on the compressive power, flexural electricity, hack lastingness and Hardness of epoxy based polymer filler is pronounced. The epoxy composites, like every other fiber reinforced polymer composites, provide many benefits over the traditional structural substances. Those substances have correct corrosion resistance, desirable longevity, suitable insulation property and excessive unique electricity. These houses have recommended their use in numerous engineering programs, Aerospace Engineering, transport and Marine Engineering. But, those substances be afflicted by massive moisture absorption residences, moisture coming from each the atmosphere and direct immersion in normal/sea water within the course of the trail in their use. The absorbed moisture reasons high residual stresses whilst badly affecting the structural integrity of the composite

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Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 1
Publication Date: 1/4/2021

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