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June 2024

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Treatment of water using vertical water treatment plant and natural substance.


Sivsai Patil



As we know that water is most essential and precious resource for living. WHO report that whole some of water means absence of suspended solids inorganic solids & pathogens. water covers 71% of earth surface ,on earth 96.5% water is found in ocean ,1.7% in ground water ,1,7% in glaciers & icecaps. only 2.5% of water is fresh water & 98.8 of that water is in ice & ground water. Less then 0.3% of all fresh water is in river ,lake & atmosphere. Reports shows that 1.2 billion people in world have no access to safe drinkable water & most of them living in developing country. In developing country like India measure requirement is pure drinkable water. with the developing population need for water is increasing rapidly. Since naturally available water is not pure enough for drinking due to increase in pollution. so water treatment plant fulfills the requirement , but conventional water treatment plant(WTP) acquires very large area. 3 major units (aeration, sedimentation, filtration) requires huge land space. which is difficult to construct with in the city. other problems related to wtp are - huge amount of water looses(evaporation loose),chemicals like aluminnium chloride (alum), polyaluminiumchloride, alum potash & iron salts are used, chlorine are used in coagulation & disinfection process. so to over come the above problems we have designed vertical water treatment plant (VWTP) which requires 1/3rd area of conventional WTP & instead of using chemicals naturally available substance like carica papaya seeds & moringaoleifera seeds are used in coagulation &disinfection process.

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Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 12/5/2019

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