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September 2023

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Smart Irrigation System


Nanda Kishore


IoT, machine learning, Raspberry Pi, Arduino


This project is based on providing easier and more practical solutions to the problems faced by farmers on the agricultural lands. A smart irrigation system promises improved crop production, less water consumption and more healthy crops. This project is an application of IoT and machine learning technology. The main theme of this project is to develop a device that can monitor the moisture level of the crops and if the moisture level of the crops is below a threshold level then the water pump is turned on so that crops don’t get dried up and die. Apart from this the device can also detect nutrient deficiencies and crop diseases. It is then programmed to send the data collected via email to the user from a remote location. Sensors are used to detect the problems and transmit the data to a Raspbery Pi and an Arduino board. These are microcontroller boards which are used to obtain the data from the sensors and it also programmed to perform operations like pumping water from the water pump when the moisture level of the soil is low.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 11
Publication Date: 11/1/2018

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