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Volume 7 Issue 4

April 2021

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P. M. Patil


Numerical simulation, refrigerator crisper, testing.


Crisper is the drawer which helps to keep fruits and vegetables at their best longer. Crisper is typically utilized to store fresh products including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Crisper also provides ample storage for items such as luncheon meats, cheese and eggs. Although necessary, because of the very function of these drawers, ensuring they are clean and sanitary at all times can be problematic, especially given the fact that foods stored “out of sight” are often “out of mind” long past the expiration date. Simply stated, foods left within a crisper for too long can quickly decompose, leaving behind a sticky and foul smelling liquid residue. Also, the existing crisper has poor space utilization i.e. if half of the crisper is loaded with food then half space is unused, it has poor accessibility to item stored at bottom and at the back of the crisper. This paper includes development and analysis of a new innovative vertical crisper to enhance the accessibility of food items stored at bottom or back of crisper, to achieve better clean ability and better space utilization. The very first step is concepts generation and evaluation of concepts using Pugh Matrix. Based on highest rating of configuration concept is selected and by using commercial software CAD drawing, simulation is carried out. Testing is carried out on prototype and results are validated.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 10/3/2018

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