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Volume 10 Issue 7

July 2024

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Volume - 1 | Issue - 6

Title and Author Area
Optimization of Machining Processes using Teaching Learning Based Optimization Technique
- H. S. Keesari
Cloud Computing
Comparative Study Of Effect Of Curing On Compressive Strength Of Concrete By Using NDT & DT
- Hitesh Patil
Portable Camera-Based Access To Visual Text Information From Hand-Held Objects
- Jagdish Godghase
Image Processing
Microcontroller Based Universal Calibrator
- Siddharth R. Mungekar
Embedded System and Calibration Technology
Sustainable Method of Solid Waste Management:Anaerobic Digestion For Canteen Waste
- Ketan A Salunke
Environmental Engineering
Improvements in Production Processes Through Kaizen
- Manoj Bhalwankar
visual cryptography
Safety Policy and Audit in Infrastructure Project
- Mr. Gopinath S Mohite
Civil Engineering
Performance Evaluation and Study of Emissions with Biodiesel (Methyl Ester of Cotton Seed Oil)
- A. P. Ogale
Study Of Thermal, Electrical And Wear Behaviour Of Cu Nano Particle -Al2O3 Matrix Composite Prepared By Powder Metallurgy Route
- Mr.Nitesh S Hirulkar
Comparative Study Of Interlock Paver Block
- Chetan Deshmukh