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Volume 10 Issue 6

June 2024

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Volume - 1 | Issue - 5

Title and Author Area
Physiological Signal Analysis For Human And To Maintain Good Physical Condition With Self Analysis
- T.R.Vinothini
Tsunami Detection & Alert System Using Wireless Sensor Network System
- D.M Yewale
Embedded & Data Aquistion
Effect of Variation of Elevated Temperature on Compressive Strength of Metakaolin Concrete
- Mr. Ran Vijay Singh
Designing of Offline UPS
- Dhanashri V. Gadage
Power Eletcronics
Evaluation Of Solar Air Heater Performance
- Rahul Ramjibhai Makwana
Application of Solar Energy
Assesment Of Groundwater Quality Around Eklahre (Nashik) Themal Power Plant Ash Ponds
- Mr.Jivan Sangale
Environmental Engineering
Optical Fiber Sensors Applications Analysis And Future Trends
- Archana Yadav
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Data Acquisition System Using PLC And SCADA
- Prathamesh P. More.
Process Automation.
Computer Operating Using Hand Gesture By Augmented Technology
- Anjana Wilson M
Agumented Technology
Estimation Of Fermi Energy C(O) or Coupling Constant For Different Dimensions in Silver Metal
- Prof. B.N. Havaraddi