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Volume 10 Issue 7

July 2024

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Volume - 1 | Issue - 4

Title and Author Area
Filter Wall: A Ml Based Content Filtering For Social Networks
- Yash Johar
Computer Science
Design Strategy For Barrel Shifter Using 2:1 Mux at 45 nm and 90 nm Technology Node
- Amrita Pahadia
cloud computing
The Surveillance on Diabetes Diagnosis Using Data Mining Techniques
- Cynthiya Juliyet.L
Computer Science
Proximity Based Protocol Development for Local Ticket Booking
- Ameet Khedkar
Computer Engineering
Hand Gesture Implementation For Device Control
- Shweta Bhole
Image Processing
Multimode Power Controllers for Three Phase Matrix Converters Operating as UPFC
- Mr. T .Karthik
Advances in Document Classification Using Data Mining
- Renu Sharma
Data Mining
Document Clustering Using DPM with Feature Partition
- Chinmay Ranade
Data Mining
Morphological Analyzer Framework For Morphologically Rich And Structurally Similar Languages
- Athira K
Computational Linguistics
Throughput Optimization Using Cross Layer In Wireless Sensor Network
- N G Praveena
signal processing