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Volume 10 Issue 7

July 2024

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Volume - 1 | Issue - 12

Title and Author Area
Online Java Compiler Using Mobile Cloud Computing
- Sandhya shinde,Madhavi Mali
Cloud Computing
Microwave Absorption Studies of γ-ferrite & Ni-Zn ferrite / Epoxy based Nano Composite
- K. C. Tripathi
Defense Materials and Stores Research and Development
Novel k-PCA based Face Recognition Method
- Nidhi Sharma
Image Processing
Efficiency of RWA Algorithms In Optical Networks ( Bus Topology, Ring Topology & Mesh Topology )
- Jaspal Singh
Internet Photo Re-Rating Using Query Specified Semantic Signatures
- Bhanuprakash Meruva
Semantinc Web Mining
A Survey On Various Techniques of Association Rules Hiding in Privacy Preservation Data Mining
- Chandrima Ghosh
Data Mining
Keyboard and Mouse Simulation using Head Mouse Technlogy and Speech Recognition
- Shah Rajsee B.
Image Processing
Cloud Computing Security Improvement using Secret Sharing Algorithm
- Swapnila Mirajkar
Cloud Computing
A Survey on Various Techniques of Personalized News Recommendation System
- Bhumika D Karwa
Computer Engg- Web Mining
Server Consolidation Based Dynamic Load Balancing Approach In Cloud Computing
- Shailee Majmudar
Cloud Computing