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Volume 10 Issue 7

July 2024

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Volume - 1 | Issue - 10

Title and Author Area
Earthquake Resistant Design of Open Ground Storey Building
- Piyush Tiwari
Structural Engineering
Single Electron Transistor
- Shamshad Ali
Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems
- Sumit Kumar Srivastava
Paper Battery and its Application
- Khalid Nawaz siddique
Millions of Transistor Fabricated in Single IC
- Sharique Ahmed
Fuel Cell and it’s Applications
- Rahul Mishra
Single Image Shadow Detection and Removal using Multi-Scale Illumination and Entropy Minimization
- N.Umadevi
Computer Science
ATLACG: Advanced Technique for Look Ahead Clock Gating using Digital Networks
- D. Indumathi
Electronic &circutary systems
Agribusiness Groups Opinion on Integration with Organised Retail
- Manveer Singh
Experimental Investigation of Neem oil as a biodiesel in single cylinder four stroke DI Diesel Engine
- T.Alekhya
chittoor distic ,andhrapradesh