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Volume 10 Issue 7

July 2024

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Volume - 1 | Issue - 1

Title and Author Area
Simultaneous Reduction of Dynamic and Static Power In Scan Mode (CMOS Technology) Using C-Algorithm
- Ms. J.suganya
Digital Evidence Handling Using Autopsy
- Nisarg Trivedi
Computer Engineering
The Usage Of The Agile Methodology For The Software Project Management Enabled Through Altering Fundamental Agile Practice
- Mr.Jay A.Dave
Computer Engineering
Active Learning Of Various Sorting Algorithm
- Nirav Patel
Computer Engineering
Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Aluminium Die Casting Industry’
- Gurprit Singh T. Virdi
Mechanical Engineering
A Comparative Study On Data Dissemination Techniques In WSN
- Rishi Parsediya
A Review of Incremental Association Rule Mining Techniques
- Pooja Dubey
A Survey On Link Prediction Problem In Social Network
- Pallavi Gupta
A Survey on Finding Representative Pattern Sets in Frequent Pattern Mining
- Mrs. Neha Chaure
Computer Engineering
Analysis Of Deleted Data In NTFS Filesystem
- Dhruv Prajapati
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