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Volume 10 Issue 4

April 2024

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Prof. P. R. Khade


Solar-Wind Hybrid System, Renewable Energy, Energy Harvesting, Sustainable Power Generation, Clean Energy Integration, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Control System


In the pursuit of sustainable and renewable energy sources, this research focuses on the design and implementation of a Solar-Wind Hybrid System Generation. The hybrid system harnesses the complementary strengths of solar and wind energy, aiming to achieve a more reliable and consistent power supply. The design phase involves the integration of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines into a cohesive and efficient system. Detailed considerations are given to the geographical location, climate conditions, and energy demand patterns to optimize the hybrid system’s performance. Key components such as charge controllers, inverters, and energy storage solutions are carefully selected and configured to ensure seamless integration and maximum energy utilization. The system is designed with scalability in mind, allowing for potential expansion or customization based on specific energy requirements. The Implementation phase involves the installation and commissioning of the hybrid system in a real-world setting. Performance monitoring and data collection mechanisms are established to assess the system’s efficiency, energy output, and overall reliability under varying environmental conditions. The outcomes of this research contribute valuable insights into the practicality and effectiveness of Solar-Wind Hybrid Systems. The findings are expected to provide guidance for future renewable energy projects, emphasizing the significance of hybrid approaches in enhancing sustainability and mitigating the impact of climate change.

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Published in: Volume : 9, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 12/2/2023

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