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Volume 7 Issue 9

September 2021

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Ms. Momin Hina Umar


Epilepsy • Classification, status epilepticus, antiepileptic drugs.


This paper reviews advances in epilepsy in recent years with a stress on therapeutics and underlying mechanisms, including epilepsy drug and surgical treatments. This article reviews the treatment approaches. It is an uncommon but important clinical problem with high mortality and morbidity rates. There are not any controlled or randomized studies, and then therapy has got to be supported clinical reports and opinion. Complete seizure control is achieved in 40–50% of all epileptic patients with drug treatment, as reported in most epidemiological studies. Many effective antiepileptic drugs with a favorable profile are available in Switzerland, allowing treatment tailored to the patient’s needs. Epilepsy surgery may be a viable option for these patients. It requires in-depth evaluation in specialized centers, and is related to complete seizure control in 50–90% of the patients, depending on the lesion type and site. Only for patients in whom surgery cannot be offered should neuromodulation treatments be considered. In the present review, we outline a practical approach for the various steps in therapeutic decisions and that we summaries the profiles of recent antiepileptic drugs also outcome of surgical and neuromodulatory therapies. The goal of any approach should be to get complete seizure control. In general, if two antiepileptic drugs are not successful, in-depth evaluation of the patient in a specialized center is strongly recommended.

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Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 9/2/2021

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