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Volume 7 Issue 4

April 2021

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Gauri Ingole


Response spectrum, IS 1893:2002 and 2016, Time History Analysis, Vineral Girder ,ANSYS


This paper evaluates the nonlinear procedures used for Performance Based Design, the Nonlinear dynamic procedure (time history).The purpose of this study is to determine in depth understanding of inelastic seismic response of rectangular Rcc buildings with diaphragram with openings. Non-linear time history dynamic analysis is performed using Elcentro data on typical modular structure to assess the seismic performance of these structures. The analysis accounts for their unique detailing especially to elements that contribute to energy dissipation during major seismic events. This study revealed significant global seismic capacity as well as a satisfactory performance at design intensity levels. This paper deals with an investigation carried out by the authors to study the behavior of simple parallel chorded reinforced concrete Vierendeel girders in their elastic as well as ultimate load conditions. Details of tests carried out on ANSYS along with measurements and observations made are fully described. The application of plastic analysis to reinforced concrete Vierendeel girders has been examined and shown to be feasible when the constituent members of the girders possess the desirable flexural characteristics. A simple method is suggested for predicting the exact mode of failure and to calculate the ultimate load. The predominating influence of depth span ratio of the girders over their behavior in service conditions has been demonstrated and the importance of selecting a proper depth span ratio so as to secure the desirable cracking characteristics and effective stiffness has been pointed out. The comparative behavior of Vierendeel girders designed on elastic theory and girders with arbitrary uniform reinforcements has also been investigated and their relative advantages discussed.

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Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 4
Publication Date: 4/1/2021

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