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Volume 7 Issue 10

October 2021

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A Literature Review On Plasma Arc Welding And Cutting Processes




Plama arc welding, Plasma arc cutting, Keyhole, Welding current, Welding speed, Torch height, Plasma gas flow rate.


Plasma arc welding is a non-conventional form of welding which can be applied to almost any existing metals. It is one of the important arc welding processes used in electronics, medical, automotive, ship building and aerospace industries due its high accuracy and ability of welding any hard and thin materials. The various process parameters in plasma arc welding such as plasma gas flow rate, torch height, front weld width, back weld width etc. Though PAW is more complex and requires more expensive equipment compared to other commercial arc welding processes. The plasma arc cutting process was developed for difficult to machine materials in order to overcome the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of conventional machining method when it come to complex shape and work piece. Plasma cutting is a process that cut through electrically conductive material by means of jet of hot plasma. This paper is literature review of various theoretical and experimental studies by different researchers over the years. A Section of the paper also deals with the detailed review of plasma arc welding and cutting processes based on existing literature content.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 12/5/2020

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