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Volume 6 Issue 9

September 2020

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Mr. Parthiban.V


Motion detection, Preset value, Body temperature, labour.


Technology advancement has made our routine life more convenient and easier. With the increased population rate, changing lifestyles and abrupt climate changes are demanding more development in livestock's lifestyle. While milk is not a luxury food for our Indians, it takes a larger portion of the diet. Milk or its products is consumed regularly by every class people. Even the poorest person would love to prefer ghee instead of Vanaspati. So the main action to be taken is to maintain the cattle health by maintaining its body temperature, daily diet. In this approach, the cattle are fed automatically. Whenever they insert their head into the tub, the motion sensor will detect its move so the feeding supplements which are filled in a larger container will automatically get filled in the tub. Their health includes not only proper diet but also its body temperature. The Temperature sensor will be fixed inside the shed with a preset value. Whenever the temperature exceeds the preset value, the sprinkler will turn on automatically. By this, their body temperature is maintained every time. On concentrating and working on all these parameters, the dairy farming will get increased. This mainly saves the price of hiring labour.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 9
Publication Date: 9/2/2020

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