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Volume 6 Issue 7

July 2020

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Mr. Arpit Pudke


Rework, Construction Projects, Rework Analysis, MICROSOFT PROJECT, Rework Cost Mechanism, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Importance Index


Rework, are activities in the field, which have been completed, but were required to be repeated or undertaken again as a result of some impeding correction that was necessary to be carried out during the project. This is regardless of source, or effecting a change, not due to change of scope by the owner. Fundamentally, rework becomes necessary either when an element of building works fails to meet customer requirements, or when the completed work does not conform to the contract documents. In either scenario, the product is altered so as to ensure conformity. At as certain moment during construction, for example due to an error, rework is necessary. But the rework might not be discovered until some form of quality control check is done, after which it can be concluded as to what kind of rework needs to be done. Rework can also have internal or external origins. Changes in clients’ expectations are an example of an external factor that might lead to rework. Rework can cause many costs to be higher than calculated at the start of the project. Rework can result from various sources such as errors, omissions and changes. While it is widely recognized that additional costs due to rework can have an adverse effect on project performance, limited empirical research has been done to investigate the influencing factors. The research presented in this paper aims to determine the influence of different project types and procurement methods on rework costs in construction projects.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 6/4/2020

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