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Volume 7 Issue 4

April 2021

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Pandurang Kalli



many scientists are researching about human- robot social interaction, which is one of the areas that remain relatively unexplored. The Robot receptionist (“robot receptionist”) project which is a part of the Social Robots Project is researching how a social robot can remain compelling or interactive over a long period of time. Computers are becoming a indispensable part in today’s world because most of us think that they are not friendly enough. Intelligent robots will fill this barrier of computers not being friendly. We can implement a robot in a company reception desk for computerized guidance. Sowe introduce a robot “ROBO-R” for the computerized reception desk. ROBO-R remains stationary inside a small booth near the main entrance. Once it gets the signal of visitor in the office, ROBO-R can interact with the visitors and welcome them. ROBO-Rasks the visitor there purpose of the visit and intimates the message to the concern person and wait for the response from the concern person.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 6/4/2020

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