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Volume 6 Issue 7

July 2020

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Smart Machine For Plastic Waste Disposal


Chandana B K


Capacitive Proximity sensor, Inductive Proximity sensor, Servo motor


Nowadays there is huge increase in the amount of plastic wastes generated by humans and have limited space for dumping the wastes. Plastic Waste Management has assumed great significance in present day context. To overcome this recycling plastic is necessary. Therefore a smart machine for plastic wastes disposal which accepts the plastic wastes for recycling and in return dispenses anything useful for the users like money, tickets, candies. After inserting the plastic the machine detects plastic with the help of sensor and rejects material other than plastic. It is also equipped with a weight calculator to determine the weight of the plastic and gives coins, candies, etc as rewards according to the weight of the plastic. This machine supports only plastic as input and coins, candies as outputs. The output of the bin can be used for recycling, road making, ensuring raw materials for the industries etc. The collected unwanted materials are turned into new products. Recycling of waste plastics is an efficient way to improve the environmental performance of the polymer industry. This invention relates in general to waste management and recycling the plastic waste in the environment. The littering of plastic wastes in the environment and less willingness to recycle the plastic presents a continuing problem to environment and to all the living beings.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 6/1/2020

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