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Volume 6 Issue 9

September 2020

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Md. Kafeel Akhter Jawaid



In last few years, considerable attention has been given to the use of superplasticizer as a chemical admixture in cement concrete mixture. However, the use of chemical admixtures in cement concrete is a very common solution to achieve high performance concrete. The past researchers have been underlined the use of chemical admixtures imparts the desirable properties to the cement concrete in both fresh and hardened state. This thesis work has been made an attempt to study the influence of the superplasticizer dose of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 percentage on the performance of the cement concrete, by using superplasticizer we can reduce the water demand of concrete mix. This study utilizes the Conplast sp430 which is a superplasticizer; it is used in the concrete mix with variable quantity i.e. 500 ml – 2,500 ml per 100 kg of cement. The use of superplasticizer helps in reducing the utilization of water and it also increases the strength of the concrete. The use of superplasticizer also helps in preservation of the environment by saving the water. The main objective of this research is to determine that what percentage the superplasticizer can be used in the concrete mix to achieve its target mean strength. The experimental tests for fresh and hardened properties of concrete for M25 grade are studied and the results are compared with normal concrete. In this ongoing research work it is concentrated on the use of superplasticizer for reducing the water demand in the mix. A series of tests were carried out to determine the slump value, compressive strength and flexural strength with and without addition of superplasticizer, the result shows that the increase of superplasticizer dose in the cement concrete mixture leads to gain of good ability in addition to slump. Additionally, there is also slightly increase in the compressive strength as well as flexural strength than that of normal concrete. The Strength of cement concrete is a very important characteristic. This thesis investigated prior studies on the compressive strength and flexural strength of cement concrete as it relates to water-cement ratio, aggregate-cement ratio, aggregate size, quantity of admixture and compaction and compares those results with results obtained in laboratory experiments conducted on samples of cement concrete cube casted for this purpose. During the development of new generation product like concrete made with superplasticizer, it is essential to investigate the properties of fresh and hardened concrete to encourage and escalate its application in the civil engineering construction industry. This research investigates the properties of fresh and hardened concrete made with different quantity utilized of superplasticizer in concrete mix.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 1
Publication Date: 1/1/2020

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