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Volume 5 Issue 5

May 2019

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Suraj Sawant


Raspberry pi, Pi-cam, Facial expressions, Haar cascade, Logistic regression, Human computer Interaction (HCI).


Emotions play a very important role in our day to day life. Emotions are the natural physiological response of the human body which can be recognized by the facial expression. It is found that limited work is done in field of real time emotion recognition using facial images. In the proposed system research has been done in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In this proposed method various steps of face detection like Haar cascade and Eigen Face Recognizer are used. It classifies various features of face like edge, line and centre-surround features & it resizes the particular image equally. Eigen face Recognizer is used to recognize the captured image of different emotions. Extracted features are compared with trained database using Logistic Regression. The main hardware used in this project is Raspberry pi. The camera which is externally connected to Raspberry Pi 3 can capture the images. The emotion recognition software will recognize the images and displays the recognized emotion into the display monitor.

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Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 3/5/2019

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