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Volume 5 Issue 8

August 2019

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decentralized library sysytem


Varun Jhaveri


decentralized, library, management, system.


This quote correctly depicts a book lover’s ideology “A book is a dream that you hold in your hands”-Neil Gaiman. This quote summarizes my project very precisely. In this era where kindle exists there is still a rise in sales of printed books as compared to e-books, according to Wall Street Journal, sales of traditional print books rose by 5% in US last year, while sales of e-book plunged by 17%. Because of traditional mindset of people that digital books just don’t deliver the same sought of visual and tactical satisfaction which physical books deliver. Physical books are more easily shared. Physical books make more meaningful gifts. Physical books offer a wider variety of fonts. Printed books can be easily scribbled in and marked up. The basic ideology behind Decentralized Library System is where people can request for books and people can register there books. People who are avid readers who buy books and after reading them they don’t prefer to sell those books which leads to the book collecting dust on the shelf can now register these books on this website and the person seeking for this book can avail it and return the same once read. Person who is requesting the book will get a door step delivery of the book at the same time person who has registered the book will have to handover the book to the delivery guy. Person getting the book has to pay a token amount for the book if any harm to book is caused some amount will be deducted. Technologies like HTML, CSS and java script will be used in front end of the website. Technologies like PHP and MY SQL are used in the back end of the website. This will provide easy access to new books at door step at very low cost and also increases the utility of the books.

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Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 2/4/2019

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