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Volume 6 Issue 6

June 2020

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Analysis of Heat Transfer through Circular Pipe using Internal Threads of varying Pitch


Mahesh N. Pokale


Heat transfer rate, Internal threads, Heat transfer coefficient, Forced convection, Turbulent Flow


Heat dissipation from many cutting edge applications have raised very quickly due rapid advancement in almost all technological sectors such as microelectronics, aviation, military application, fission and fussion reactors etc. To ensure effective and efficient performance of aforesaid technologies it is important dissipate high generated. In present paper, effect of the internal threads of different pitch (4 mm and 6 mm) fabricated inside circular aluminum tube. Thermal and hydraulic performance of modified surface has been tested under various operating condition (heat flux 20W to 100W, mass flux 0.005Kg/s to 0.008Kg/s). From the experimentation it is observed that threaded surface shows better heat transfer performance (Nusselt number, Reynolds number) as compared to plain tube that can be attributed to the formation of turbulent due to presence of threaded surface. Further, it is observed that tube with 4 mm pitch shows good heat transfer characteristics due increase in Reynolds number.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 12/14/2018

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