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Volume 6 Issue 6

June 2020

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Sakshi Tiwari


Cloud Computing, Brokering Policy, Resource sharing, Availability, Cloud Analyst, Cloud Service Broker.


Cloud federation is a group of aggregated providers, who are mutually cooperating and collaborating to share their resources in order to improve each other services. It has lured the attention of commercial industries towards itself for its effective utilization of cloud resources. Effective management of the resource is very much required in order to increase the profits of an individual service provider in federation, but a lack of proper business model hinders service provider in deploying its feature. Several new issues are generated because of these wide adoptions which are concern to both cloud service provider and cloud service users. Cloud service providers are facing the issue of resource limitations. Cloud service users are facing the issue of vendor lock-in. Federated Cloud through brokering can be used to solve the above mentioned issues. A cloud-based service broker provides intermediation to seek appropriate service providers in terms a suitable trade-off between price and performance. On the other hand, load balancing among cloud resources ensures efficient use of a physical infrastructure, and at the same time, minimizes execution time. This makes service brokers and load balancing among the most important issues in cloud computing systems. This thesis presents a set of novel market and economics-inspired policies, mechanisms, algorithms, and software designed to address the profit maximization problem of cloud providers. This paper models and evaluates how the providers can manage the incoming request to changing environments for higher outcomes by means of a new brokering policy. This thesis defines and evaluates a brokering policies method that enforces providers to consider the impact of their decisions in the long term.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 12/5/2018

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