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Volume 6 Issue 5

May 2020

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Gunit Malik


Steganography, Cryptography, Data hiding, Image, Audio, Web, Text.


Since the rise of the Internet, security has been one of the most important factors of information technology and communication. Cryptography was created as a technique to secure the secrecy of communication by encrypting and decrypting data to keep the message secret. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep the contents of the message a secret. It is sometimes important to hide the existence of the message itself so as to keep the message secret. The technique implemented to achieve this is called steganography. Steganography, coming from the Greek words stegos, meaning roof or covered and graphia which means writing, is the art and science of hiding the fact that communication is taking place. Using steganography, a secret message can be embedded inside an unsuspicious piece of information. The purpose of this is covert communication- to hide the information or even the existence of the message from a third party. Using steganography, information can be hidden in different embedding mediums, known as carriers. These carriers can be images, audio files, video files, and text files. This paper emphasizes on the methods used for applying steganography on different types of media, focusing on image files, audio files, text files and on the web. The main focus is on explaining various types of steganographic techniques and the types of media it’s used in, which is described in other research work. This provides a concise summary for readers.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 11
Publication Date: 11/8/2018

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