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Volume 6 Issue 8

August 2020

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Comparison of Various Scheduling Algorithm in Multiuser Environment of Mobile Cloud Computing


D Murugeswari


Scheduling ,Mobile Cloud Computing, Data Center, Make Span, Pre-emption


Mobile systems are ahead more importance, and new promising models like Mobile Cloud Computing are evolving. Mobile Cloud Computing provides an infrastructure where data storage and processing happened outside the mobile node. Specifically, there is a major interest in the use of the services gained by taking advantage of the distributed resource pooling provided by neighbouring mobile nodes in a clear way. Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is basically cloud computing in which at least some of the devices involved are mobile. Scheduling with meta-heuristic algorithms is one of the active research area in Mobile cloud computing. The objective of cloud job scheduling is to reach high system throughput and to allocate different computing resources to various applications. The Complexity of scheduling problem increases with the size of the job and becomes highly difficult to solve efficiently. Many different techniques have been proposed to solve this problem. Some of the approaches are based on heuristic techniques that provide an optimal or near optimal solution for tasks i.e., large in size. In this paper various scheduling algorithms in different environments with their respective parameters will be analysed.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 8/22/2018

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