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June 2020

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Amisha Kumari


Quantum Computers, Quantum Computing, Schrodinger’s Cat, Qubits,Topological Qubits, Parallel Processing, Entanglement, un-hackable computer systems


Quantum computers can bring an unimaginable change in the computing technology. Made of qubits, instead of binary bits, they hold many advantages over classical computers like energy efficiency, less time utilization, high speed (100 million times faster) and better security (un-hackable systems can be created). Though the system of qubits are complex and not easily handled, it is still not possible to create a quantum computer at industry level, but many companies have successfully invented some systems related to quantum computing. This concludes that the purpose is not impossible. When invented, the quantum computers will be ruling the world of computers.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 5/16/2018

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