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Volume 6 Issue 5

May 2020

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Khan Umair



In an attempt to alleviate the problem of the dearth of equipment in our laboratories in most of our higher institutions, a 2-ton hydraulic press was designed, constructed and tested using locally sourced materials. The principal parameters of the design included the maximum load (300 kN), the distance the load resistance has to move (piston stroke, 150 mm), the system pressure, the cylinder area (piston diameter =100 mm) and the volume flow rate of the working fluid. The major components of the press designed includes the cylinder and piston arrangement, the frame and the hydraulic circuit. The machine was tested for performance with a load of 10 kN provided by two compression springs of constant 9 N/mm each arranged in parallel between the upper and lower platens and was found to be satisfactory. A hydraulic machine can be thought of as a large flexible mechanical structure that is moved by some sort of control system. The control system takes its input from a human operator and translates this command into the motion of actuators, which move the mechanical structure. The high performance and highly powerful, hydraulic punching machine vice with the capacity for high volumes of punching has done.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 5/1/2018

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