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Volume 6 Issue 5

May 2020

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Mrs.Kavita.A. Musale



Shift of the focus from bulk generation to distributed generation is an established global trend in the power sector. Further, the mode of distributed generations is shifting from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable sources. These sources are intermittent in nature and their generation pattern does not match the load pattern there by creating a need for a battery storage system. In this context, energy management presents itself as inevitable challenge in operating a grid connected distributed renewable sources. The challenge is due to factors such as intermittency of source, time of the day prices, sizing of solar panels, windmills and battery, limitations of charging and discharging rates of the battery. To address these, a design for energy management of grid-connected solar panel and windmill with battery storage is been proposed. The objective is to create an energy budget will lead to balance sheet, which calculates your energy expenditure against generated means to reduce our energy bill. The charge controller of battery uses this algorithm for making decision on charging or discharging of the battery or keeping it in idle mode. The obtained results show effective savings on electricity bill monthly. The optimal selection of number of solar panels, windmills and battery size is been presented. The proposed system helps in effectively deriving the potential benefits of grid-connected solar panel and windmill system with battery storage.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 4
Publication Date: 4/26/2018

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