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Volume 7 Issue 1

January 2021

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Bomb Identification and Refusing, EMG, MEMS, Bomb Detector, EMP Device.


Now-a-days, people face several human disasters such as bomb blast, gunshot and many more terrorist activities. Especially Bomb Blasting causes severe destructions compare to other harms. Bomb detection is the major threat for people and refusing the placed bomb is a difficult and most threatening job. The most important motto of this work is to identify the location of the bomb and alerting the person regarding the bomb position. As well as the system provides simple ways to refuse the bomb in intelligent manner. It is known that the population is increasing at very peak ranges all over the world. But also the deaths are exponentially increasing. Among them most of the deaths occurs due to accidents and diseases. Since we are on the era of advanced technology, we can utilize these technological growths to enhance the safety and security towards death causing crisis like accidents and spreading of disease. These technologies also provide some aids to prevent us from experiencing major problems caused by accidents and diseases. So here we utilize the technological advancement to enable the immune system for us to survive any such scenarios. We propose a system which detects and diffuses bomb in an area. For all the proposed approach guarantees the bomb avoidance scenario and provides complete safety measure to the people.

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Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 3/2/2018

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