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Volume 7 Issue 4

April 2021

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Pathan Shaguftha Shereen


Chia Seeds, Consumer Awareness Survey, Market Survey,Chia Apple Smoothie, Multigrain Chia Biscuits, Fibre, Protein.


Chia seeds are rich in Antioxidants, dietary fiber, proteins, omega-3 and bone Nutrients. It is also gluten free and improves blood biomarkers. Aim of the study was to conduct a Consumer awareness survey, Market survey and to develop Recipes using Chia Seeds. Consumer awareness surveyconcluded that 64% of the consumers out of 100% were unaware of Chia seeds. Hence, to create awareness Nutrition education material (Brochure) was formulated and distributed and the Market survey was conducted for availability of chia seeds which concluded that 8 super markets out of 20, 10 general storesand 15 dawasaaz stores out of 15 contains Chia Seeds in Hyderabad. As Chia seed is not frequently consumed in India, hence the present study was conducted with the aim of incorporating chia seeds in Multigrain Biscuits and Smoothie which was evaluated with the help of 5 point Hedonic rating scale and it was conducted by 25 panelists twice on sensory attributes. Within the 2 products, 5 grams sample was best accepted for Multigrain biscuits and 10 grams for smoothie respectively. Therefore,maximum incorporation of 5 grams of chia seeds in Multigrain Biscuits, and 10 grams in smoothie was accepted. Nutrient analysis was done for estimating Fibre and Protein content of basic and best variation of Chia Apple Smoothie (i.e.Fibre-1.25 to 5.58 and 9.9 to 10.7)and Multigrain chia biscuit (i.e. Fibre-1.9 to 3.2 and Protein -13.4 to 16.3) and the result stated that the Addition of Chia seed has improved the Fibre and the Protein content of the recipes. Hence the study suggests the effect of incorporation of chia seed powder develops Nutritious Biscuits and Smoothie.

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Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 12/1/2017

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